Provisions / What to Bring
Aside from your personal stuff, bring your snorkel and fishing gear, though these can be bought or rented on island.

A good insect repellent is helpful - something with a high % of DEET- there are times when  the no-see-ums and mosquitoes can be pesky. Also consider bringing citronella candles or mosquito coils.
We like to bring some frozen meats, frozen veggies, favourite seasonings and coffee. You can pack a cooler and check it with your baggage. Though, all of these can be purchased on island as well. You cannot bring any fresh fruits or vegetables.
We recommend stopping in Governors Harbour for groceries and libation. Burrows groceries has a good selection of the basics. There are at least 3 liqour stores in Governors Harbour where you can get what you need. Stores generally close about 5:30 pm.

If it's a good fishing day, you'll find local fisherman selling their catch at the water's edge as you come into Governors Harbour.

Great local fruits, veggies  and other home made treats can  purchased  at Island Farms, located on Queens Highway just south of Palmetto Point.

There are many other fine places to get provisions on the island. These suggestions are  here just to get you started.