French Leave Beach ( Club Med Beach)- near Governors Harbor- Go up the hill, turn right at the top and go about 1.2 mile, look for a sandy track/ access rd. The beach is about 200 ft in from the paved road.

These are some really nice beaches between 
  Governors Harbor and Tarpum Bay
They are listed in order of proximinty to 2 Sisters.
Savannah Sound Beach - Walk or drive out our lane to Queens Highway. Park the car at the corner. Proceed on foot across the highway, go up the hill. Stop for a few minutes and climb the lookout tower, you will not be disappointed with the view. Proceed down the little road towards the ocean. You'll cross a sandy road, go a little bit to the left  and pick up the path to the beach on the rightTotal distance from 2 Sisters is approx 3/4 mile
Little Bay Beach- walk out our driveway, turn right, go about 1/3 mile, the beach is on the right.
10 Bay Beach- Drive out our lane to Queens highway. Make a left and go approx 1 mile. You will see a pole on the left with house/ residents names with arrows. Pass this lane , pass the ruins of an old hotel, take the next left. proceed to the beach
Double Bay Beach- Drive out our lane, turn left on Queens Highway. Go about 2 miles . You'll see a paved road with stone pillars at the corners, make a right  go about 1 mile, then make a right onto a gravel rd. Go for about a mile passing many lovely homes looking for a sandy road to the beach. Park the car on the gravel road and walk to the beach
Islandia Beach.   One of our favorites, near Tarpum Bay. Turn Right on Queens Highway. Go about 6 miles, just past the "Welcome to Tarpum Bay " sign.  Go slowly and look carefully on the left for an overgrown paved road in very poor repair. There is a broken concrete post at the entrance.Turn left here and proceed for 3/4 miles, bear left to the clearing where you park.
Poponi Beach- near Palmetto Point-  turn  left on Queens Highway and go about 6 miles to Palmetto Point. Turn Right on Church St. Go  approx 3/4 mile, past the big Ficus Tree,  turn right go about 1/3 mile and turn left on a dirt poad. go on the dirt rd to a parking area for the beach ( approx 1/10 mile)
All the directions given below are from our house. Please remember the roads to these beaches  are quite rough, but passable with a normal car if you proceed slowly and carefully
.looking north
looking south